Co Founder Ben Lewis on our revolutionary methodology. 

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Better health for all is our ambition.
We have built the world’s largest veterinary trial network,
allowing us to reach 1.8 million pets in need of care.

The Food and Drug Administration requires all human pharmaceuticals and medical devices diagnostics to be tested on animals prior to human trials.
We connect naturally sick pets to clinical trials just like in human trials, replacing induced artificial diseases in lab animals. Pets get access to cutting edge treatments for free while also helping advance cures for people. 

  The National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institute of Health (NIH), has validated that our method saves over $117 million per approved drug because natural diseases in pets can better predict which drugs will work in humans and which won't. For example, 92% of cancer trials which succeed in laboratory animals fail in human trials while dogs get cancer naturally 10x more than people. Treatment options are scarce and very costly to pet parents. We have a solution; one that offers sick pets free treatment and furthers research for humans at the same time!

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The One Health Company Featured in the Economist

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Accurately predicting efficacy in trials can save study sponsors up to $117M per approved drug.
Our method decreases costs, false positives, and the need for testing on healthy animals. 

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Reinventing animal research starts with you! 

Are you a study sponsor or animal lover?
Do you work with a specialty clinic? Is your pet eligible for one of our ongoing trials? We are actively recruiting new studies and partners.

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