Our ambition is to save human and animal lives by re-imagining the preclinical testing sector.


The Food and Drug Administration requires all human pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics to be tested on animals prior to human trials. Unfortunately, the results of these preclinical trials can be misleading. For example, 92% of cancer trials which succeed in laboratory animals fail in human trials. These false positives dramatically increase time to market and costs for drug and device manufacturers.

The One Health Company reduces these false positives and minimizes the need for laboratory animals by sourcing naturally ailing pets from the companion animal population for research studies. These animals, afflicted with naturally occurring diseases, are granted access to extremely expensive diagnostics and treatments at no cost. Many natural diseases in pets are biologically and clinically similar to human diseases and difficult to replicate in other animals. These natural disease models have increased predictive power as evidenced by National Institute Health data.

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Accurately predicting efficacy in pre-clinical trials can save study sponsors up to $117M per approved drug. Our method decreases costs, false positives, and the need for testing on healthy animals. 

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