The One Health Company is a company of animal lovers.
We have created a new model of contract research: one that not only dramatically improves the predictive accuracy of medical knowledge testing, but also provides pets with beneficial cutting edge therapies to improve their wellness.


Participation in a study will provide medical knowledge that may lead to better knowledge and improve treatment of pet patients and people with similar conditions. 



Our Approach

Similar to the Human Phase III Trial method, we conduct multicentric efficacy trials by recruiting already ill patients. We coordinate studies at leading veterinary schools and animal hospitals in the United States and work exclusively with top veterinary specialists. 

Our research subjects are naturally afflicted with diseases of interest. Experimentation is an attempt to HEAL animals. Animals are sourced by veterinarians and pet owners with sick animals. These animals with naturally occurring diseases reduce the need for laboratory animals while providing better models of disease. 

Pets share an environment and 350+ diseases with their human caretakers. Many naturally occurring diseases are biologically and clinically similar to human diseases, and are also difficult to replicate in laboratory animals. Dogs and cats have breed-determined limited genetic backgrounds, further improving their predictive power and value for modeling human disease.  More than 6 million companion dogs are diagnosed annually in the United States. The number of proxies is myriad. To name a few: Cavalier King Charles suffer from vascular septal defects. Lhasa Apsos and male cats develop bladder stones. Poodles are frequently afflicted by cataracts. 

A Validated mOdel

A National Institute of Health study of comparative oncology methodologies suggested that cost savings of $117 million per approved drug could be achieved by employing natural disease models as a replacement for laboratory animals. Findings included the following:

[mouse models] frequently do not adequately represent many of the features that define cancer in humans, including long periods of latency, genomic instability, and the heterogeneity of both tumor cells and their surrounding microenvironment. Most importantly, the complex biology of cancer recurrence and metastasis, integral to outcomes in human patients, are not appreciably reproduced.
— National Institute of Health

Induced disease is generally a poor proxy for natural disease, and our model provides the first systematic way for sponsor studies to source these natural models. The genetic similarities of human and dogs as well as shared epigenetic factors lead to more predictive results. We help heal animals while delivering on the trifecta required to evaluate the next 20 years of cancer therapies for people: real disease, immunocompetence and intact tumor microenvironments.  

Cost Savings and intervention specialists

In addition to opportunity cost savings, The One Health Company provides substantively better study results by reducing fixed costs. Because we operate in existing animal hospitals and clinics, we have no property or equipment costs. In addition, we are not responsible for animal housing or husbandry. These savings allow us to conduct interventions using board-certified veterinary specialists, where traditional competitors rely on less-skilled personnel. 



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