CEO Christina Lopes Participates in WEF Young Global Leaders Summit

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a community of over 800 enterprising, socially-minded men and women selected under the age of 40, who operate as a force for good to overcome barriers that elsewhere stand in the way of progress. The community is made up of leaders from all walks of life, from every region of the world, and from every stakeholder group in society.

The One Health Company CEO Christina Lopes, a Young Global Leader herself, recently participated in a World Economic Forum (WEF) Event in Argentina; bringing her considerable innovation and entrepreneurship expertise to an emerging market in doing so. Christina was able to serve as a guiding influencer at the event by taking a leadership role in the dialogue with regard to data, and life sciences. She was able to share her vision of better health for all-two legged and four legged on a global scale at the World Economic Forum event. Many have referred to the progress that's been achieved as the fourth industrial revolution-and there seems to be no plateau in sight. 

At the conclusion of the event the WEF issued the following press release:

"Our world has reached an important inflection point. Everywhere we look, we see leaders faced with critical challenges at the local and global levels, and as they strive to find acceptable solutions, they must work to bridge the social, political and national divides that are feeding those challenges.

More than ever, as our economic models, social structures and institutions are pushed to their limits, we need responsive decision-makers like the Young Global Leaders to take responsibility and act. As people grow more entrenched in their beliefs, politics and opinions, the Young Global Leaders and Alumni Annual Summit 2017 explored the bubbles we live in and our responsibility to break from bias. Hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the gathering focused on building alliances across differences and equipped YGLs with new tools for impactful collaboration.

It also defined how the YGL community can work together to find solutions for the world’s most pervasive challenges, first in Argentina and then beyond. While the summit has ended, our commitment to positive change is ongoing. This report highlights not only how we leveraged Buenos Aires to forge new understandings and collaborations, but also the ideas, innovations and commitments our community will take forward globally in the year ahead. "

The full press release can be found here.

Some of the program highlights were:

Argentina in the Global Context: Argentina, a G20 economy with vast natural resources, is adopting a new economic framework, re-entering international credit markets, reversing populism and driving technological and digital transformations across sectors. Yet, while great progress has been made, inclusion, poverty, insecurity and corruption remain critical challenges capable of disrupting the country’s positive development. Rina Gee Kupferschmid-Rojas moderated a session with fellow community members, Esteban Bullrich, Argentinian Minister of Education and Sport, Facundo Garreton, Member of Congress for Argentina, and Pia Mancini, Chair of the Democracy Earth Foundation, who are the forefront of these challenges and opportunities. They explained why this is a pivotal time for Argentina and how YGLs can contribute to the country’s agenda.

Building Coalitions for Sustainable Development: Around the world, people are growing more entrenched in their beliefs, politics and opinions. YGLs explored the bubbles we live in and our responsibility to break from bias. In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, a global agenda necessitating international inclusion and cooperation, we asked community members difficult questions including: ‘How can we bridge the gaps between ourselves, our organizations and our communities to better understand the global challenges we currently face?’ And, ‘How can we build coalitions for positive change that can accelerate the global achievement of the SDGs?’

Conversation with Klaus Schwab: YGLs joined Professor Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, for a discussion on the world’s current geopolitical trends. Professor Schwab shared his insights on the new narrative needed for globalization, his call for responsive and responsible leadership worldwide and how YGLs can ensure the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a force for good.

While they accomplished much more than just the highlights I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to seeing progress and innovation come from the YGL Summit in Argentina.