Joe Biden singles out The One Health Company at SXSW Connect to End Cancer

Former Vice President Joe Biden ushered in a new era of cancer research at the South by Southwest Conference as he rallied health and technology innovators to help “eliminate cancer as we know it.”

Biden appeared in Austin as the keynote speaker for the festival’s Connect to End Cancer Panel on March 12th, where he discussed the future of the Biden Cancer Initiative, an extension of his work under the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force.

The Cancer Moonshot Task Force was established in January of 2016 to be headed by Biden just over a year after his son, Beau, passed away following a five-year battle with brain cancer.

During his heartfelt, hour-long speech, Biden outlined his vision for the near future of cancer research, one with fluid sharing of information and effective therapies without dangerous side effects. The urgency of Biden’s words highlighted the promise and much needed “ingenuity” of the Connect to End Cancer Panel, a group of companies selected by SXSW with the potential of bringing a cancer-free world closer to reality.

“You’re the future,” he begged. “We need your help.”

Among the selected companies to feature at the conference, Biden later called attention to The One Health Company, a health technology company that focuses on the role of comparative medicine between humans and pet dogs in the development of cancer therapies.

Following speeches of the panel’s featured innovators, Biden requested to meet with Benjamin Lewis, COO and Co-founder of The One Health Company. In a private meeting following the event, Biden and Lewis spoke candidly about The One Health Company’s role in eradicating cancer and the possibility of working together.

“Of all the companies here, the one that excites me the most is The One Health Company,” Biden said.

The One Health Company’s “secret sauce” is their unprecedented use of veterinary data and the abundance of natural disease in pets to get more effective cancer therapies on the market, faster, cheaper, and more humanely. The Company’s ultimate goal is to aid in the development of immunotherapies for both humans and animals, while reducing the need for lab animal testing in the process. 

The One Health Company is among several startups that were featured at the SXSW Connect to End Cancer Panel, all chosen by the event’s hosts, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the AT&T Connected Health Foundry, and Merck & Co., Inc.

“I am unable to postpone for one day longer the things we can do now to extend people’s lives,” Biden pressed. “We can make enormous progress.”