As a veterinarian, you have devoted your career to improving the lives of your patients by providing the best medical and surgical care.  Now, you can offer your patients an unparalleled level of care. A partnership with The One Health Company provides access to cutting edge and novel patient care.

Specific benefits include:

  • Your patients will receive the best care possible with input from a team of veterinary specialists.
  • All diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care will be provided at no cost, allowing you to offer your patients and clients the best care, irrespective of financial constraints.
  • Treatment is provided at local specialty veterinary hospitals.
  • Participation may provide medical knowledge that leads to better knowledge and improved treatment of pets and people with similar conditions.

We invite you to join our network of leading veterinary hospitals committed to elevating the standards of medical and surgical care.  Please contact or call 650.885.8035 to learn more about our network.