Leading the future of cancer care for dogs.

The One Health Company is a leader in personalized medicine for dogs. Our team is committed to the breakthroughs in cancer biology to evolve canine cancer care, with each patient improving the outcomes for all future canine cancer patients. Our cutting edge approach informs your veterinarian, who then decides the best course of care for the patient.


We are the first to bring the latest advances in human oncology - personalized medicine - to dogs with cancer. Using sophisticated genetic testing, we strive to find the genetic mutation that may be driving your dog's cancer. With this tailored information and access to precision medicine options, your veterinarian's treatment toolbox is now broader than it has ever been. Armed with this personalized information and an expanded set of options, your veterinarian decides the right course of care for your dog.

With FidoCure™, veterinarians access the latest scientific advances in personalized cancer care for dogs.

Our Mission: 

To eradicate canine cancer and improve the quality of life for canine patients and pet parents.


Our Vision: 

We are passionately committed to advancing veterinary medicine so our beloved dogs live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our Team: 

We brought together a team of world-leading cancer experts, who have treated thousands of dogs with cancer for the last 30 years. We are multidisciplinary thinkers who boldly use all our resources to positively impact our treasured dogs. 

We work closely with veterinarians across the US and have a growing number of in-network veterinarians experienced with FidoCure©.


The One Health Company is based in Silicon Valley and is fortunate to have mission aligned capital partners, who are also the best Venture Capital firms in the world. 


Our Story


As a former Olympic Captain, our co-founder Ben Lewis, had access to cutting edge clinical trials to recover from serious injuries. A few years later, his dog was diagnosed with cancer and given a few months to live. Luckily, his dog had access to a clinical trial that cured his cancer. This experience inspired Ben to co-found the One Health Company to help ensure all dogs receive access to the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in veterinary oncology.

It was inevitable that Christina Lopes, Co-Founder and CEO would join Ben in this endeavor. After caring for her father with terminal lung cancer, working to enable broader access to advanced cancer treatments became a personal mission. Ben and Christina launched FidoCure™, the first of The One Health Company’s cancer solutions, to offer cutting edge diagnostics and access to targeted therapies, at an affordable price point, to all dogs across the US.

DISCLAIMER: FidoCure™ is a leader in oncology research for dogs, and our team is committed to the breakthroughs in cancer biology to evolve canine cancer care, with each patient improving the outcomes for all future canine cancer patients. We use our best efforts to inform the veterinarian, who then decides which option is best for their patient. The therapies that veterinarians may prescribe and order from compounding pharmacies after receiving genetic test results from FidoCure, may constitute extra-label uses of those drugs. FidoCure is continuing to gather research data in support of novel oncology therapeutics in dogs.

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