Cutting-edge personalized cancer care. New hope for your beloved Fido.

Most pet parents will have to deal with a cancer diagnosis at some point in their dog's life.

Quick Facts about Canine Cancer


  • Cancer is the # 1 disease killer of dogs

  • Dogs have a 50% chance of being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

  • 6 million dogs get cancer every year in the United States (versus 1.6 million people)

  • Only 400 veterinary oncologists in the U.S. compared with over 23,000 human oncologists

  • Until FidoCure, the approach to fighting cancer in dogs has been primarily one-size-fits-all, the treatment options have been limited and the side effects sometimes severe.

  • Some types of cancers that dogs get are similar to pediatric cancers in humans - for instance bone cancer, lymphoma, brain cancer. Dogs also get sarcomas, mammary cancer (similar to human breast cancer in people), and bladder cancer.​


The statistics are challenging. FidoCure gives veterinarians a new approach to help you and your dog fight back.

The field of oncology has come a long way in the last 3-5 years.

Human oncology has gone beyond simply treating cancer with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to more advanced treatments that are tailored to the individual's cancer (precision medicine). Precision medicine allows us to identify the underlying cause of cancer. Understanding where in the genomic code the mutation has occurred ensures a better treatment plan and better outcomes. 

Researchers have learned that cancers in humans and dogs are among the most similar across species in terms of potential response to treatment. You and your dog not only share a home, a family, and a special bond - you are also biologically similar. All the current cancer therapies for dogs have come from human medicine. Unfortunately, it takes years for these options to make their way to the veterinary market.


Dogs Give Us Their Best. We Should Give Them Ours.

We created FidoCure because we believe dogs deserve the highest quality medical care available using the latest science.

Until now, there were very few cancer treatments available to dogs. With FidoCure, your veterinarian  has access to cutting edge diagnostics and targeted therapies. 


Targeted therapy is a cancer game changer. Different from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, precision therapies look at the specific causes of a patient’s cancer, and like a lock fitting in a key, attacks a specific flaw in those cancer cells.

FidoCure is the first individualized medicine solution for dogs with cancer.


We have brought together a team of world-leading experts in veterinary medicine. They have treated tens of thousands of dogs with cancer and are leaders in genomics and cancer.

Give your Fido a fighting chance. 

DISCLAIMER: FidoCure™ is a leader in oncology research for dogs, and our team is committed to the breakthroughs in cancer biology to evolve canine cancer care, with each patient improving the outcomes for all future canine cancer patients. We use our best efforts to inform the veterinarian, who then decides which option is best for their patient. The therapies that veterinarians may prescribe and order from compounding pharmacies after receiving genetic test results from FidoCure, may constitute extra-label uses of those drugs. FidoCure is continuing to gather research data in support of novel oncology therapeutics in dogs.

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