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Options for Your Dog

Your veterinarian might have already suggested FidoCure.

FidoCure offers genetic testing and enables your veterinarian to prescribe personalized treatment options, based on the genetic mutation that may be driving your dog's cancer. 

For pet parents who are not currently working with a veterinarian in our network, here's how to get started:​

FidoCure Process

1. Make an appointment with our specialists to learn more about FidoCure and veterinarians in our network.

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2. FidoCure genetic testing: We work with your veterinarian to run genetic tests that reveal the mutations that could be driving your dog's cancer. Your FidoCure specialist can tell you more about this test.

3. Expert review: Our team of experts in canine and human oncology will evaluate your dog’s test results as well as clinical history and genomics to determine possible personalized care options for your veterinarian to evaluate.

4. Convenient care: The FidoCure team supports veterinarians so they can prescribe the best personalized therapeutics for your Fido. 

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DISCLAIMER: FidoCure™ is a leader in oncology research for dogs, and our team is committed to the breakthroughs in cancer biology to evolve canine cancer care, with each patient improving the outcomes for all future canine cancer patients. We use our best efforts to inform the veterinarian, who then decides which option is best for their patient. The therapies that veterinarians may prescribe and order from compounding pharmacies after receiving genetic test results from FidoCure, may constitute extra-label uses of those drugs. FidoCure is continuing to gather research data in support of novel oncology therapeutics in dogs.

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