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Lulu's Journey

"We were devastated when Lulu was diagnosed with an aggressive mast cell tumor just before she turned 6 years old. Committed to doing everything we could for her, we were all in on surgery, radiation and chemo. Six months after her last chemo treatment, we found another tumor. And then another. And another. Four surgeries later, Lulu was growing more tumors before her surgery wounds were even healed. Lulu’s oncologist Dr. Brooke Fowler suggested FidoCure. Almost immediately, Lulu’s tumors shrunk and soon disappeared. We wished we had known about FidoCure two years ago so we could have spared Lulu all the pain and discomfort and ourselves all the stress and despair. Every day we have with Lulu from now on is a gift and we feel so fortunate that she is thriving and happy again. Thank you FidoCure!"

Dana Scanlan, Boulder, CO

Toulouse's Journey

"Toulouse is our beloved 12 year old Yorkie. We were devastated when Toulouse was diagnosed with cancer last December. He had surgeries to remove tumors from his tonsils and trachea but unfortunately, the cancer spread to his lungs. We were determined to fight back and seek the most cutting edge treatments available. That's when a trusted friend told us about the One Health Company and FidoCure. We traveled from Zurich to the USA to access this personalized cancer care for Toulouse. Luckily our veterinary oncologist in the US had already used FidoCure. Since starting treatment, Toulouse's tumors have regressed. FidoCure brought us hope for Toulouse when we thought we didn't have any options left."


Daniel S. Wenzel - Switzerland/US

Lulu Guptill's Journey

"From the moment we met our Maltipoo, Lulu, 12 years ago she instantly became a part of our family. It was love at first sight. When Lulu was diagnosed with myxosarcoma we were heartbroken but remained hopeful. After the diagnosis, Lulu's hind leg was amputated and Dr. Sabhlok told us about FidoCure's cancer gene mapping (genetic test). We enrolled Lulu in FidoCure. Dr. Sabhlok evaluated FidoCure's advanced test results and selected targeted therapies that were made accessible by FidoCure. Lulu was restaged recently and her cancer is still in remission. She is doing very well and is just the most enchanting, loving little 3 legged dog that anyone has ever seen!  Watching her run around playing like a puppy melts our hearts. Thank you FidoCure!"


Kathy Guptill, Califonia 

Forrest's Journey

"When our beloved 9 yr old Golden Retriever, Forrest, was diagnosed with a rare cancer in dogs, histiocytic sarcoma, he was given 1-2 months to live. We were devastated. FidoCure gave us an option when we thought we had none. I am very happy to report that Forrest has done so well during the entire course of treatment and is 9 months in remission! The best part — people stop us in the park and on the street asking us about our "puppy.” Thanks to our Vet Oncologist Dr. Gerry Post and FidoCure, we went from grieving to grateful. Forrest is OUR miracle dog and we hope that his success story contributes to the research to being someone else’s miracle too."


Grace Lau, Darrien, CT

Lizzie's Journey

"Lizzie is our beloved Wheaton Terrier. In June 2018 we found she had histiocytic sarcoma. A FidoCure assessment was undertaken for Lizzie that identified several unregulated oncoprotein but also genetic mutations in cancer associated genes which could, in her case, be drivers of malignancy. We started radiation therapy but by the end of September, Lizzie was showing signs of relapse. When an ultrasound revealed liver lesions in early October, most likely metastatic, we were devastated. At this time, our veterinarian evaluated FidoCure information and recommended the drug Imatinib, an inhibitor of a protein called platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta (PDGFß), mutated in Lizzie’s cancer. We started it as a last resort treatment. On Nov. 13, our Lizzie received a positive bill of health from our veterinarian. Ultrasound revealed undetectable metastatic disease in her liver. Thanks to FidoCure, Lizzie is 100% active again, eating well and in remission for 4 months."


Kimberly and François de Visscher - Stanford, CT

Gracie's Journey

"While my husband and I were walking upstairs behind Gracie we noticed a lump in her left hind leg. Four days later, Gracie was rushed into surgery to remove a mass. At that moment, we learned the mass was intertwined in her muscles, ligaments and was much larger than we initially believed. The mass was also malignant. Our amazing vets removed as much as possible but were fearful that in doing so she would be unable to run and/or potentially walk ever again. My husband and I stood frozen in time. We just prayed that they removed enough to give her a second chance at a beautiful life, here with us. For months she was doing phenomenal. In that moment, we also decided that we would not torture our Gracie girl by putting her through traditional chemotherapy. In February of 2019, just five months later Gracie’s mass grew back and close to 8 times larger than the first mass. Gracie was diagnosed with an aggressive soft tissue sarcoma.  The mass grew this size overnight. She was unable to jump, run go up the stairs and her left hind leg began to buckle while walking.  


When we returned to our vets to see what our next move could and should be, he told us about the One Health Company’s precision medicine solution, FidoCure, as an option to target Gracie’s specific cancer. This was a dream come true. We conducted extensive exams to find the genes that were mutated and which personalized targeted therapies could work for Gracie’s specific cancer. Two weeks after starting the medication we were no longer able to visually see the tumor. We knew this was excellent news.  Now exactly two months later, Gracie’s cancer is in remission and she displays no active signs of cancer in her lungs (which was riddled with cancer this time two months ago) and the mass in her left hind leg is no more. She is back to her active self and she indicates no sign of pain. We attribute this incredible success to an amalgamation of changes but the One Health Company’s Fidocure has given Gracie a second chance at life. We are forever indebted to this phenomenal company."


The Gonzalez Family - Florida

DISCLAIMER: FidoCure™ is a leader in oncology research for dogs, and our team is committed to the breakthroughs in cancer biology to evolve canine cancer care, with each patient improving the outcomes for all future canine cancer patients. We use our best efforts to inform the veterinarian, who then decides which option is best for their patient. The therapies that veterinarians may prescribe and order from compounding pharmacies after receiving genetic test results from FidoCure, may constitute extra-label uses of those drugs. FidoCure is continuing to gather research data in support of novel oncology therapeutics in dogs.

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